The aim of Regulation 40 of the Building Regulations 2010 (as amended) is to ensure that the person carrying out the work gives sufficient information about the fixed building services and their maintenance requirements so that the building can be operated in such a manner as to use no more fuel and power than is reasonable in the circumstances.

Regulation 40 puts the onus on the person carrying out the work to give the required information to the responsible person no later than five days after the work has been completed.

This regulation applies where paragraph L1 of Schedule 1 imposes a requirement in relation to building work. Reasonable provision shall be made for the conservation of fuel and power in buildings by-

(a) limiting heat gains and losses –
(i) through thermal elements and other parts of the building fabric;
(ii) from pipes, ducts and vessels used for space heating, space cooling and hot water services;

(b) providing fixed building services which –
(i) are energy efficient;
(ii) have effective controls;
(iii) are commissioned by testing and adjusting as necessary to ensure they use no more fuel and power than is reasonable in the circumstances

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