The aim of this Complaints Procedure Policy (hereinafter The Policy) is to assure every client of Approved Inspectors Ltd (hereinafter referred to as AI Ltd) that all complaints against the company are resolved efficiently and fairly. This Policy is to establish a consistent protocol by which all representations to AI Ltd receive prompt action and achieve a swift resolution.

Approved Inspectors Ltd will regularly review all complaints in accordance with this policy to achieve a continued improvement to our services.

This complaints procedure is to be read in conjunction with the CICAIR Code of Conduct (January 2017) and CICAIR Complaints Protocol (July 2017).

This policy is available to all Clients of AI Ltd upon request.


AI Ltd defines a complaint as “An expression of dissatisfaction by the Client in respect of services provided by the company which AI Ltd fail to resolve within a five working day period”. The complaint can be directed to the company as a body or at an individual employee.

It is the company’s preference to resolve all issues by clients informally and with expedience. If a matter is raised by a client which cannot be resolved by informal means within five working days, the procedure detailed in this policy is to be followed.

Only complaints raised in respect of the failure of AI Ltd staff or consultants to implement the policies of the company can be considered and resolved in accordance with this policy.

This policy is not intended to resolve areas of dispute which relates to failure of the company’s policies themselves. Typical complaints would include:

  • Failure of AI Ltd to complete the service within the stated timescale
  • Complaints in respect of the behaviour of an employee
  • Discrimination; etc.

Making a Complaint

Complaints should follow the following procedure which is in three stages:

Stage 1 – Informal Procedure

Following the failure of the employee to resolve the complaint within the stated five working day procedure, the matter will be referred to a Director who will attempt to resolve the matter by discussion. If this is acceptable, a report will be prepared, the matter recorded and a report sent to the client. If this process fails, the matter will be taken to Stage 2.

Stage 2 – Formal Investigation

A formal complaint should be submitted in writing to a Director who will interview the client and the subject employee separately and study the application file. On completion, the director will write a report to the client confirming the result of the investigation. The report will be recorded. If the client accepts the findings, the matter will be closed. If the client does not accept the findings, the matter will be taken to Stage 3.

Stage 3 – Appeal

If the Stage 2 process fails, the client should then refer the complaint to the Registrar of the CICAIR.

Complaint Monitoring

A record of all complaints is to be kept by AI Ltd including the application reference number, the date the complaint was received and acknowledged and the response.

The directors will review the reports quarterly, assess trends and take the appropriate action.

The directors will review both the quarterly reports and the Complaints Procedure Policy on an annual basis and prepare an Annual Report. The report is available to clients upon request.

Contacting the CICAIR Registrar

The registrar can be contacted as follows:

Construction Industry Council Approved Inspectors Register
26 Shore Street

Telephone:  0207 399 7403

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