I declare that in line with Regulation 15 (2) of The Building (Registered Building Control Approvers etc.) (England) Regulations 2024 the building work has now reached the point at which it is to be regarded as commenced (see below for guidance on the definition of commenced).

    Where possible please upload a photo of the building work at commencement. When uploading documents acceptable formats are .jpg .jpeg .png .pdf (maximum upload size 16MB each).

    Storing information for processing this form.Sharing information with relevant regulatory bodies and authorities only in direct relation to your enquiry.

    Guidance Notes – Understanding when Building Work has reached commencement

    Commencement of New Buildings or Extensions which are not a Complex Building

    Work is to be regarded as commenced when the slab is poured.

    Commencement of All Other Building Work (Loft Conversions, Fit Out etc)

    Work is to be regarded as commenced when 15% of the work is completed.

    Commencement of Complex Buildings

    When the foundations supporting the building and the structure of the lowest floor level of that building (but not the other buildings or structures to be supported by those foundations) are completed.

    Definition of Complex Building:

    (a) a building which is to be constructed on the same foundation plinth or podium as any other building or structure;

    (b) a building which has more than one storey below ground level;

    (c) a building where it is proposed use is primarily as a public building where the public or a section of the public has access to the building (whether or not on payment) provided that the building has a capacity for 100 or more visitors;

    Definition of Public Building:

    (a) a shop or shopping centre;

    (b) premises where food or drink are sold for consumption on the premises, including a nightclub, social club or dance hall;

    (c) a stadium, theatre, cinema, concert hall;

    (d) a sports ground;

    (e) an exhibition hall or conference centre;

    (f) a hospital or premises for the provision of health care.

    Reviewing your Notice of Commencement

    When you send us your Notice of Commencement, we will review it to make sure commencement conditions have been met.  If we believe the work hasn’t reached commencement, we’ll send you a rejection notice explaining why.

    If you disagree with our decision you can appeal in accordance with Regulation 16B (6) & (7) of The Building (Approved Inspectors etc.) Regulations 2010

    If you get a rejection notice, you can still send us new notices of commencement in the future.

    If you don’t get any response from us within 4 weeks from the date you sent your notice, you can consider your work as being commenced.

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