Policy, Performance & Management Systems

Approved Inspectors Ltd (AI Ltd) has created this policy for the provision of a building control service which supports customers, meets legal obligations, complies with the CICAIR Code of Conduct and the Building Control Performance Standards.  AI Ltd has a formal documented Quality Management System which is ISO 9001 registered.


We will deploy appropriately qualified and experienced staff, with competencies appropriate to the type of building control work to be undertaken.

We will allocate sufficient resources to the projects the company undertakes, taking into consideration its current and future workload, complexity and location of work, and changes in Building Regulations, Approved Documents and other recognised guidance.

The management team will review resources on a monthly basis to ensure we maintain service standards.

We will not take on work outside the competency of our Surveyors or if resources are becoming stretched.

AI Ltd has arrangements in place for Continuing Professional Development and training of its technical staff and the monitoring of this


We will give an initial notice to the Local Authority under the Building Act and in the form required in the Building Regulations.

We will undertake all necessary consultation with the relevant fire authority and will issue them with a copy of our Final Certificate on completion. We shall follow the Fire Safety Procedural guide as the basis for the consultation.

We will undertake all statutory consultations, observing any prescribed timescales, and the results of such consultations are forwarded in writing to clients.

We consider undertaking additional consultations if required and cooperate as far as possible in an integrated approach to development consents.

Pre-Application Contact and Provision of Advice

We have arrangements in place for communicating with those proposing or carrying out building work before a formal application is received where this is requested or would be beneficial to the functioning of the building control process.

AI Ltd will establish a single point of contact Assignee to deal with both procedural and technical building control enquiries on individual projects. This is supported by a wider technical team (available for plan assessment, inspections and queries) to ensure continuity throughout the construction project.

Assessment of Plans

Where assessment of plans is undertaken, clear information will be communicated in writing to the client within 10 working days regarding:

  • compliance and non-compliance with the Building Regulations
  • views of statutory consultees
  • conditions pertaining to the approval of plans
  • remedies available in the event of a dispute over compliance

Records of the plans assessment process are stored with the project details on AI Ltd’s project database.

Site Inspections

AI Ltd will deliver a site inspection plan matched to client/project needs and issues all clients/projects with an Inspection Notification Framework (INF). This is reviewed so that effective control is maintained for the duration of each project, with adequate site inspections and sufficient records, to demonstrate the application of reasonable skill and care.

We will ensure that all statutory consultees are notified of any significant departures from plans.

Site inspections are documented for each inspection which identify the work inspected and any non-compliance.  These inspection records are stored with the project details on AI Ltd’s project database.

Where plans are not available for the work, inspections undertaken and the records will be more detailed.

Details of non-compliant work is communicated promptly and clearly to the responsible person, identifying the contravention(s) and indicating any measure(s) believed to be necessary.

Communication and Records

AI Ltd will communicate with its clients, consultees and others in writing.

All records relating to the building control service provided to individual projects are stored electronically on AI Ltd’s project database for a minimum period of 15 years.

Business and Professional Ethics

Employees of AI Ltd (and any consultants employed) will observe best practice professional standards and business ethics expected of service providers and be guided by the CICAIR Code of Conduct.

Independence of the building control function will not be compromised and AI Ltd does not offer any associated design or support services.

Complaints Procedure

AI Ltd has a published Complaints Procedure on its website.  Should a client exhaust the two stage complaints process they may refer the complain to the Registrar of the CICAIR.

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